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We create innovative experiences for users. Our vision is to create innovative software solutions that will define new ways of communication and exchange of information. Explore our Solutions.

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Freee Wifi

Freee allows you to create a self-sustaining Wifi ecosystem that thrives on guest participation and grants in-depth marketing analytics which afford real-time management.

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RedPhone VIP

Secure Communications with blockchain technology. RedPhone VIP is the first complete communications solution that guarantees that your data is safe and encrypted with the latest encryption protocols.

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About Freee

The new era of Innovation Technology

Freee your Innovative Ideas

Our vision is to create innovative software solutions that will define new ways of communication and exchange of information. We only work on projects that inspire us and that differentiate from what already exists.

Providing Solutions

The Software Solutions that are developed by Freee have something in common: they aim to solve problems that have no known solutions. Focusing on marketing and communications we help businesses thrive.

Creating New Experiences

Through our Software Solutions, we try to create new experiences for users. We put in our digital technology expertise to give value to our customers and we get happy and engaged brand ambassadors in return.

Introducing a New Era in Communications

RedPhone VIP is here

  • Secure Communications

    Your communications are vailable and can never be hacked with RedPhone Vip.

  • Blockchain Encryption

    Your calls and messages are encrypted with next generation Blockchain protocols.

  • No-log Policy

    No one can steal your data if your data doesn't exist.

  • Easy to Use

    With our user-friendly design, you can do everything with just a click or two.

  • Chat, Calls & Video Calls

    Whether you prefer voice or messages, RedPhone VIP is the ideal phone for you.

  • Private Network

    We create a private communication network for you and your team.

  • Custom Apps

    All the applications included are custom made and no third-party apps can be installed.

  • Full Support

    Our technical experts will remain at your disposal.

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Transform your business with clever solutions by Freee

Freee Wifi

Wifi Ecosystems

Transforming the way you promote your business, Your WiFi partner! Freee Wifi is a marketing platform that helps you promote your business by engaging your physical customers through your business wifi network.

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DNS Content Filtering by Freee

Secure Browsing

Empowering Network Security with AI Zero-hour Protection DNS Content Filtering by Freee is the ultimate way to protect your business network and devices.

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