DNS Content Filtering by Freee

AI Zero-hour protection for safe browsing

DNS Content Filtering by Freee

Identify & block threats before they access your network

Safe browsing was never easier to achieve. Content filtering is the AI, zero-hour protection solution that ensures safe browsing in your business network, by identifying and blocking any suspicious web content that may harm your network's security.

Unlike an antivirus software, content filtering acts preventively as it blocks threats before they access your network and devices. Adapting perfectly to SMBs and large enterprises, content filtering by Free can provide you with complete network protection as well as peace of mind.

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Content Filtering

Protect your team and the users of your business network from malware or inappropriate websites.

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Malware Blocking

Protect your business network by identifying and blocking any ransomware or phising attacks.

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Web Traffic Control

Create detailed traffic reports and blocked location reports per user or per content category.

What is DNS Content Filtering?

Everything you need for safe browsing

What is DNS content filtering?

DNS filtering (Domain Name System filtering) is an online service that protects your business network and business network devices by blocking suspicious online content. The main difference between a DNS content filtering and an antivirus/antispam service is that a DNS content filtering service acts preventively - identifies and blocks threats before they enter your system -, while an antivirus scans your system and deletes suspicious content that has already infected your network and devices.

How does DNS content filtering work?

DNS content filtering needs less that 5 minutes to run on your network. For the setup you can choose from our pre-installed filters to block content by category or create your own filter by adding specific websites and/or IP addresses. You can always modify your business filter any time you want by adding or removing filtering rules.

How does AI zero-hour protection work?

Our content filtering service monitors and scans billions of IPs every day, in order to identify and block new malware outbreaks the very moment they emerge. This means that if a new threat appears for the first time in any web location in the world, our database is updated in real-time to keep all our nodes safe from this new threat -that may not follow the known malware patterns-, even at the first critical hours of detection.

Why do you need a DNS service?

By using content filtering at your business you can be sure that your network and devices are protected, your users are always productive and your business data is safely transmitted between authorized users.


Explore our key product features


Content Filtering

Use pre-defined or custom content filters to create a safe web browsing environment for your employees - an environment without threats or inappropriate content.

Malware Blocking

Our pre-installed filters will identify any malware that may attempt to enter your network, and will block it before it loads in your browser.

Real-time Updates

AI Zero-hour protection: our filters are updated in real-time using artificial intelligence, so that you are secure against the known and emerging online threats.

Flexibility & Speed

Add unlimited category filters. The content is filtered withour extra latency, no matter the volume of your network traffic.


Max 5/m
  • Price per user/month
  • Unlimited filters
  • Real-time updates
  • Full support
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Content Filtering

Protect your team and the users of your business network from malware or inappropriate content.

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